best natural skin care products

It’s in our name: EnShá Care – branded EnShá® and supplies Organic & Natural Skin Care and Beauty Products. Our passion for organic agriculture goes beyond just offering personal care products. We are also committed to promoting a cleaner environment, home-grown sustainability, as well as personal care. Our mission is to provide an extraordinary range of effective personal skin care products that are pure, not tested on animals, free from any harmful chemicals and ingredients, like its organic vitamin c serum for face.

We are an Organic and Natural Skin Care company in the strictest sense of the words. Absolutely ZERO GREENWASHING.

Our products contain zero unwanted chemicals. Our products are made from certified organic and natural ingredients plant extracts. Though the products may not be certified due to the high cost of certification, they maintain the standards as stipulated by the certification bodies USDA, ECOCERT, etc. We are aware that many companies class their product as Natural or Organic, but it still contains unwanted ingredients according to the standards.

EnShá Care was the product of our own pursuit and love for a more eco and environment-friendly way of living. A lot of research and testing was done to discover the most effective and beneficial natural and organic products. After so much research, we were the first ones to experience the amazing results and then decided to introduce our vitamin c serum for face and neck to our friends and loved ones. Not surprisingly, they were very skeptical and scared at first. Nevertheless, they gave it a try and much to their delight, it only took a couple of weeks for them to see a huge difference in their skin! These great results prompted us to eventually share the products we believe in with the rest of the world so that everyone can benefit from them as well.