What ranks the best organic skin care and beauty products?

As mentioned in previous articles, to choose your organic and natural product you have to put time into some research if you truly want such products. Let us briefly discuss what entitles a product to be labelled “ORGANIC”. For a product to carry the “ORGANIC” stamp it must meet the required level of organic and natural derive content as stipulated by the certification body. Each certification body has their own standards, with the USDA being the highest. According to USDA, ECOCERT, Soil Association Certification bodies to have the ORGANIC Stamp on a product requires that it is derived from certified organic and natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals such as EDTA, Paraben and other syntactical ingredients.

Having said this, many products still contain these prohibited ingredients and are classed as Organic. This is called “Greenwashing” and more companies are doing this. So seeing a product with the “Organic” label on the name does not make it that. So do not get carried away by just name and pretty face, read the label.

While certification is the only way to guarantee that what you’re getting is truly organic, there are many of natural beauty products companies that can’t afford the expensive certification process but use responsibly-organic and naturally grown ingredients – you just need to know which ones are telling the truth. There are few truly (100%) organic and natural companies on the market today, EnShá Care is one of them.

There is a growing market as many of you are realizing that you need to take care of your health and change to organic and natural lifestyle. This is, especially so as many of you have learnt that some skin care products can reverse the signs of aging, make your skin even smooth, soft and give you a radiant glow. That’s right! The right organic and natural skin care moisturizer can do all of these things and also improves your health. You do not have to undergo the knife treatment to take 15 years off your looks.

It is a fact that organic and natural products weren’t always so appealing. Few years ago many of them smelled like grass and patchouli and had odd consistencies and came in an ugly, unattractive package, which does not match with your esthetical values. But a lot has changed over the years and there is more natural and organic beauty product. This new generation of natural beauty products, smells and feels fantastic and comes in beautiful, eye-catching package. This makes it even harder for you to choose the right products. We rely on reviews in order to make up your mind which to choose. And there’s even more confusion about organic skin cares products because we have a different understanding of the subject matter.

This brings us to the big question is what ranks the best organic skin care and beauty products? It is all up to you and how diligent you are with your research. But who has time to do research, right? You rely on reviews to help make up your mind, but it is someone else’s opinion. What works best for them may not work for you. If there is a best then it must be one that by far exceeds the requirements of organic and works for everyone. But this is not true. It would be safe to say that there is no “best” organic skin care and beauty product. There are skin care products and the best is down to your own personal likes. It’s all with the ingredients and what works well for your skin. You know your skin best! A product could be label “best organic” only to realise that the company did not publish their full ingredient list.

We all have different skin type and you know what allergies or an adverse reaction you have to different chemicals. Especially organic and natural skin cares products because they are made for many different plant extracts. So in choosing the product that is best for you is all in knowing the ingredients. When companies label their products “organic” and do not disclose the full ingredients list then “there a rat in the hole”. They do this because it is derived from organic ingredients, but then there are the other prohibited ingredients which we should look for. Many of them although can be classed as organic skin care product still contains many of the top harmful ingredients that you should not find in any natural organic cosmetics.

EnShá Care skin care products are certainly and will always be free from these harmful ingredients and it is question of the best, can be classed amongst the best organic skin care and beauty products on the market today.


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