Doing wonders – Organic and Natural Skin Care

Everyone loves their body and features they acquire but with the passage of time there came skin care products that could help you enhance your beauty and now we know it collectively as makeup or on a more general term as skin care. People have been using skin care since centuries and every time period has its own set of skin care item that can help with enhancing your appearance. Skin care such as vitamin c serum, anti-wrinkle creams, etc makes you look young with a glow and it helps boost your self esteem. Skin care has its own variety in the market, but you need to be very careful when buying skin care beauty products because your skin is very delicate and it doesn’t want to be tempered with anything harmful. What is done maybe can never be undone! There are so many brands trying to make sales but most of them don’t care about using appropriate ingredients, and thus most of them produce unauthentic skin care products that can cause skin damages and skin diseases, leaving you with scars for life.

People need to understand the importance of organic and natural skin care products that does not have harmful chemical components incorporated in it. Who wants to spend a fortune of money on dermatologist visits and medical procedures? Well, nobody does! The conventional skin care products you might be purchasing from a local shop or even recommended by your dermatologist can cause serious allergic reactions that might cause acne, redness or scars on the face. What if you have a party and all of the problems mentioned above happen on the same day, you will definitely be devastated. Non-organic makeup has chemicals that can even cause type II diabetes. Hence, organic and natural skin care products can help you avoid such huge fatality while still give you that glamorous look you want. Yes, it may not be as fast acting as convention skin care products, but isn’t amazing results worth waiting for!

This reminds me of my time in China and my first visit to a Chinese doctor for a really bad cold. He gave me some horrible looking medication and they tasted exactly as they looked. Over lunch one day, I mention this to my Chinese boss, a very elderly and intelligent man. He explained to me that the differences of Chinese medicine compare to western medicine, is that Chinese medicine work on the cause, not the effect. Based on my experience for the past 5 years, I can say that this is the same for organic and natural skin care products.

Your skin needs its nutrients to stay healthy and even. So, how are you supposed to feed your skin? The answer is getting organic and natural skin care. The fruit extracts in scrubs, nourishing oils in moisturizers and herbal compounds in face masks etc can give your skin the best treatment. Nature is the best resort to any skin betterment methods. You see that fruits, herbs, roots and oil extracts have inbuilt features that help in making your skin fresh, oxidized and smooth. Skin care products made from these natural minerals helps slow down the anti-aging process. The elasticity of your skin gets better and the skin doesn’t get thinner to allow face lines and wrinkles to prevail. The vitamins that organic skin care products acts as a shield for the skin against dust, sun rays, smoke and different weather conditions etc.

The new trend that makeup artists are forwarding is keeping your face glowing with lesser makeup to go with a natural look. As time passes by and you aged, you will actually have to put on layers of inorganic skin care, to get the desired look but when you are done it actually looks like an artificial glam. Your skin looks dry and when that makeup melts down you look much more horrible. Organic skin care products stay on for longer hours opening up your pores and work with your natural body chemistry to produced smooth and radiant skin. This is why most of Hollywood biggest celebrities are looking 40 when they are in their 60’s. Organic makeup doesn’t have strong odors that might be irritating for your senses, but they have this sweet smell of the original ingredient they are made from. Luxury brands also have taken the initiative to start investing in making organic and natural products free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. People are now also starting to understand the value of greener products that are though a bit expensive, but their advantages are truly phenomenal.

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