Top Celebrities Using All Natural Organic Cosmetics

Surprising but it’s true – Hollywood is now all about ‘green’. More and more celebrities have made the choice to go for more natural when it comes to making and keeping themselves beautiful. A proof to this is the increasing number of celebrities buying more environment friendly and natural organic cosmetics. They all like the fact that such cosmetics can make them look stunning while also protecting their skin from the harsh effects of chemical ingredients found in traditional cosmetics.

Here are some of the many celebrities using natural organic cosmetics:

Brook Shields

Shields almost had skin cancer in 2009 and since then has been an advocate of organic natural cosmetics and beauty products. Personally, she uses a foamy ginger spice scrub that has the ability to enhance the process of skin renewal while at the same time preserving the levels of essential oils and mineral salts in the skin.


Madonna is another celebrity who has always been vocal about her commitment to using only organic natural cosmetics on her face. Her favorite products are those that contain grapefruit vitamin C gel.

Julianne Moore

Everyone loves the pale, translucent complexion of Julianne Moore. Her preferred organic natural cosmetics is the honeyed bee’s wax formula.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow adores her favorite organic facial cream. She even said that the eco friendly box of her organic natural cosmetics can be soaked in water and then used to grow medicinal herbs. Without a doubt, she is an advocate of the environment!

Cameron Diaz

Diaz is a huge fan of deep-penetrating diffusion of natural juices to maintain and even enhance her beauty.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica is a regular customer at a famous salon in New York where the beauty products used are all organic natural cosmetics.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has been vocal about his use of biologically vitalized cosmetics. In fact, he prefers natural organic cosmetics that contain ingredients like fruit oils, liposomes, vitamin C and even herb extracts. His wife also loves using natural organic cosmetics.

John Cryer

The star of Two and a Half Man admits using organic and naturally occurring moisturizers for keeping his skin healthy. He also said that he fully supports cosmetic products that promote sustainable organic agriculture.

The names on this list are only some of the many famous public figures that have turned to natural organic cosmetics. This is not surprising considering the growth in awareness of people on the many benefits of using such products.

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