Top Harmful Ingredients That You Should Not Find In Any Organic And Natural Cosmetics

If you are conscious about your skin and would like to use all organic and natural cosmetics then you’ve to do the research. However, it is known fact that organic and natural cosmetics keeps your skin healthy the natural way. You need to carefully read labels, surf the web, and just learn what ingredients to avoid. Be vigilant for the “green washing” brands. Below are some synthetic cosmetic ingredients you never want to see in any of the products you’re going to buy:


This substance is used to adjust the pH in cosmetics. It’s also used with several fatty acids to turn acid into salt, which is then used as the base for a cleanser. This chemical causes allergic reactions, such as drying of skin and hair, eye problems, and is potentially toxic if used for a long period of time.


These are used to prolong shelf life of products, and as inhibitors of microbial growth. These substances are known to be very toxic, but are still widely used in commercial cosmetics. One of the most important selling points of organic and natural cosmetics is that they contain no parabens.


This is a mineral oil jelly commonly used on lip products to prevent chapping and sunburn. This mineral oil can cause lots of health problems with prolonged use. In fact, it also interferes with the natural moisturizing mechanism of the body.

PVP/VA Copolymer

This is a chemical derived from petroleum that is used in wave sets, hairsprays and other cosmetics. This is a substance that is considered highly toxic because many of its particles become foreign bodies that affect the lungs of a sensitive person.


This is a synthetic substance that is normally used in shampoos because of its foam building and detergent qualities. It has been proven that it can cause skin rashes, eye irritations, dandruff formation, hair loss, and severe allergic reactions.


Stearalkonium Chloride is a chemical used in creams and hair conditioners. It can cause allergic reactions, particularly to sensitive people. This substance was originally developed as a fabric softener but is now widely used to keep hair healthy. Thus, you will see this as an ingredient of hair conditioning formulas.


All synthetic colors that are added to cosmetics to make them look attractive are harmful to the skin. Research shows that they may even cause cancer. This is an ingredient that you should never see in products that claim to be organic natural cosmetics.

Where to Find the Right Organic and Natural Cosmetics

To make sure your skin remains healthy and young looking, go for organic and natural cosmetics and skin care products. At Ensha, we guarantee that our skin products are free from harmful ingredients, and are made only from the most natural and purest ingredients.

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