TOP Skin Care Secrets You Should Know

We have all seen it from magazines, billboards, TV, movies whether its presenter or movie star, as a matter of fact celebrities, on the whole, all have flawless skin. You are thinking, they have such beautiful skin, maybe it is because they have money to spend on themselves or it is in their genes. Yes this is true, but one fact is that good genes alone without proper care will not stay that way for long. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that we can do at a low budget to keep our skin flawless.

Well, we wish it could be that easy as we’re sometimes led to believe. But the fact is we can all have that ever-elusive glow with some work if we want. Most of us relies on others to tell what is right for our skin, to get that red-carpet glow. Some of you probably know by now that it takes more than just using the right products to get a radiant flawless skin. The truth is we all have different skin type and so need a different routine. What works for Jannet may not work for Margret! So what is the real so-called Top Skin Care Secrets for a beautiful glowing skin that everyone is bragging about? In this article, I reveal these secret for you into four skin care tips simple and easy to follow.

Myth-1: Drinking more water keeps you hydrated

One of the myths many of you must have heard by now is that drinking more water keep your skin hydrated. While there is some truth in this it is misleading. A very small percentage of the water get to the surface of your skin and it is not enough to keep it hydrated.

To get radiant, moisturized and healthy-looking skin, you have to keep your skin cells hydrated. Think of your skin cells as a sponge, when it is not hydrated it dries out and get hard and stiff. And because we already know that consuming more water has no effect, there is only one way to keep your skin hydrated and that is topical. You can achieve this with an alcohol-free toner. I personally avoid toners, as I try to go as natural as possible to eliminate the use of too many chemicals on my skin. Instead of a toner, I spray natural mineral water onto my face and wipe it off the excess with a soft cloth or cotton wool. And to be honest, you can pick up a 2-litre bottle in any supermarket for under $1. You do not need the expensive cosmetic brands. You can just get a small spray bottle from your local store that do just the same job.

After hydrating the skin, you want to lock it in with a serum, preferably with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Some cosmetologists suggest water-based gel mask but aging I try to avoid jelly.

Myth-2: Beautiful skin is attributed to good genes

Research have shown that only about 30% of aging can be attributed to genetics and 70% to your personal habits. Although, genes does play a role in your skin types like oiliness, skin color, and skin thickness. Our personal lifestyle, smoking, food, exercise, type of jobs, exposure to UV, etc. plays a huge role. It is how you take care of your skin on a daily basis that’s a reflection of your age.

As mention at the beginning, skin care products alone will not help you to get a radiant looking skin. You also need a daily skin care routine to clean and nourish your skin with active ingredients of your products. Part of this routine should be protecting against UV. If you have to be exposed to the sun, even for just a few minutes, even whiles driving your car, find a well-formulated moisturizer with sunscreen (30 SPF) and apply it generously to the face and neck.

Myth-3: Avoid too much makeup, so your skin can breathe

Forgoing treatment to your skin at night before going to bed with a makeup-free face so as to let it breathe is a myth.

The best time your skin relaxes and rejuvenate is at night. However, wearing skin-care that not compatible with your skin type and even leaving old makeup on may lead to breakouts and other side effects.

You need to clean and prepare your skin with the right skin care ingredients that work while you sleep. Leave my skin bare and going to bed without wearing a night mask would be a waste of time when your skin cells could be getting the food they need look healthy.

Myth-4: Cleansing your face twice will harm your skin

Going to bed with a makeup-free face means you don’t have to wash it when you wake-up is a myth. At night, when we sleep, our skin goes in repair mode, secreting toxins, and sebum which can prevent your daytime skin care products from working effectively. Refusing to wash your face in the morning is doing your skin no favor and can lead to other side effects.

Morning cleansing does not need to be as intense as in the evening to remove daytime make-ups. A mild sulfate-free, non-drying cleanser to remove the night product and secretion so that the daytime antioxidant skin care can work effectively. No matter you go to bed with a make-up free face or not, your skin does secret toxins at night as you sleep and must be removed before applying other skin care.



Many of you may from time to time flipping between cosmetologists or even dermatologists and every one of them have their own preferred products which they recommend. If you find some products that work well for you, be loyal and stick to it. Changing exposes you to risks of possible negative reactions from experimenting with too many skin-care products. The only time you should change is when your skin is changing. And get a facial at least once a month, you can do it at home, there are many home kits available.

Stay out of the sun! The number one cause of wrinkles is sun damage. A highly recommended practice is to wear an SPF moisturizer on the face and neck, 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or outside. But I prefer to limit my exposure to the sun rather than wearing sunscreen lotion every day.

Skin care is not the only remedy, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a healthy balance life style can take you a long way in helping you get that flawless skin. No need for a big budget cumbersome skincare regime. Keep your skin care routine simple.

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